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What are the Symptoms of Suspension Failure?

Suspension problems are very common in automobiles but very difficult to diagnose. Usually, it will be easy to tell what the symptoms are, but finding the exact cause of the problem won’t be that easy. It can be anything from faulty shocks, springs, struts, rods,or joint ball, which is leading to the suspension problems making your vehicle unsafe to drive. No matter what, you should pay attention to your vehicle issues and fix them as soon as they arise to avoid any accidents.Some of the common symptoms of suspension problems are discussed below. Pulling to a Side This is a common sign of suspension problem and is one of the hardest issues to find out without the help of an expert. Make sure that your tires are aligned correctly, as poor alignment can lead to uneven tire wear, pulling to left or right sides, and decreased mileage. Feeling of Bumps Rough rides are a silent indicator of worn-out shocks and struts. If your car bounces on each bump on the road, this hin ... read more


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Why use Window Tinting in your Car

Most car manufacturers usually design the back windows in a tinted manner, but the front windows in a vehicle remain clear. However, tinted windows have become quite popular these days, and now, both the front and back windows of cars come tinted. There are numerous benefits of having tinted windows, and you might be familiar with most of them. However, there are some of unknown benefits about tinted windows,which you might know. Privacy One of the main reasons why people choose tinted windows is undoubtedly the privacy it offers. Tinted windows ensure that no one can look into your car from the outside. Furthermore, they also guarantee protection from theft, as crooks will not be able to see the valuables inside your car. Heat Factor Window tints help to keep the interior of your car to approximately 60 percent cooler. This will prevent you from the distress of entering into a hot car,as well as reduce the risk exposing your skin to the hot air trapped inside the c ... read more


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Getting a Snorkel for your Off-Road Vehicle

Snorkels are very important components for an off road Vehicle. Read below to learn more about the different types of snorkels and their functions. Off Road Snorkel Kits The main function of using snorkels is to prevent water and dusts from entering the engine of your 4×4 while you are, say, trying to cross a river. We know how water can damage the engine of your vehicle, but with a good snorkel, you can go anywhere with your 4×4. We know that almost all vehicle manufacturers build their engines with a front facing air intake that is placed close to the front grill, as the air here will be the coolest. The function of a snorkel is to lift the air intake of your 4×4 to a height, which would be somewhat equal to the roof height of the vehicle. Apparently, fitting a snorkel to your 4×4 will prevent water and dust from entering the engine and ensure that the engine gets cool and clean air. Installing a snorkel to your four-wheel drive is definitely in the list of top four t ... read more


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Five Common Reasons for Car AC System Failure

Most of the AC systems in a car work in a similar basic way. However, AC system failure is very common these days, as modern vehicles use comparatively less refrigerant. Even minute leaks are capable of affecting the system and it may gradually lead to the failure of the entire AC system. If you are encountering frequent AC problems in your car, then it is necessary to consult with an AC service technician, and get the issue fixed before anything serious happens. Below are a few factors that the technician will check, if your car AC system is not working properly. Oil Residues The AC technician will initially conduct a visual inspection of your AC system and check for the presence of any oily residues. The presence of oil indicates leakage in your car AC system. The leaks may be from compressors, condensers, hoses, or from any other AC components. Side Readings The next step is to check the live and static readings of your AC system. The technician will connect an A ... read more

Understand Your Need before Buying Your First Lift Kit

There are many things you need to consider while choosing a suspension lift kit for your off-road vehicle, especially if it is your first time. You should always understand that what may have worked for your friend’s 4×4 might not work the same for your model. The selection of the lift kit should be done based on your driving style, personal preferences, and the kind of off-roading you plan to do. Selecting off road lift kits needs proper planning, and you should have a clear idea about your requirements. For instance, if you wish to have soft ride, then you should look for a lift kit with soft-valved shocks and low spring rates. On the other hand, if you like fast trails and love to load down your ride with gear, then you need to go for the harder shocks and springs. Moreover, for high-speed desert track, you need a lift that offers increased wheel travel and has mono tube-style. Drop-Down Bracket Large drop-down bracket IFS lifts are very common these days, and are usuall ... read more

The Significance of Transmission and Transfer Case in Off Road Vehicles

It is evident that the people who prefer to go on an off-road trip know more about their 4x4s than the average driver does. Off-road fans prefer modifying their vehicles to get more flexibility, power, and capability, and also know the importance of regular maintenance and care of their rides. However, there are a few people who may have to go off-road because their job or lifestyle demands it. They might not have much idea about their rides and hence, they may encounter problems while driving off road. To help such guys, below are a few things to consider for proper care and maintenance of a 4×4 ride. Transmission The chances for internal wear and overheating are higher in off-road vehicles as they are heavily dependent on their transmission, hence, the transmission fluid must be replaced regularly as a precautionary measure. Overheating is a common phenomenon in automatic transmission. The oil inside your vehicle will lose its lubricant property as a result of overhea ... read more

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