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3 Signs that Indicate you Should Replace your Alternator

Several vehicle owners are well aware of the fact that the alternators in their car are a vital component. Unfortunately, many of these vehicle owners have no clue on how the alternator works.

Alternators are a type of generator that gives rise to an alternate current. The brushes inside the alternators rotate on an axle and get in contact with the copper to produce an electric charge. The charged induced within the generator is transferred to several electronic components of your vehicle and finally to the batteries. At the same time, another terminal within the vehicle transfers a small amount of charge from the battery to the alternators to keep them working.

To put it simply, the battery of your vehicles offers a little kick start to the alternator to keep them running, while the alternator delivers a constant flow of electric charge to the car battery to keep them charged.

It is significant to note that the number one culprit behind dead car batteries is alternators. Therefore, you will need to regularly inspect the alternator of your vehicle and ensure that they are in good working condition. Below are a few signs that indicate you need to replace the alternator of your vehicle.

Starting Difficulties

If you feel that your car is having trouble to start or if it is taking too much time for your vehicle engine to ignite, then this might be due to the wearing out of the alternator of your car. In most cases, this issue arises due to the malfunctioning of the voltage regulator.

Dimmed Accessory Lights

If the dome light, dash lights, or headlights of your vehicle are getting a little bit dimmer when you are starting the vehicle, then it means that the alternator is not able to handle the load. If you are experiencing such an issue, it is best to get in touch with an auto repair technician as soon as possible.

Dead Batteries

If the battery of your vehicle keeps on dying, then you should definitely take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and ask the technician to examine the alternator of your car. Replacing the alternator with a new one will help you to save on costly repairs in the long run. So, you should try not to ignore any of these warning signs, as they can bring serious issues to your vehicle.


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