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3 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

The pleasant summer season is finally here. Most of you will be already planning a road trip with your friends and family members in summer, which means that you will have to keep your vehicle ready for handling the sun-drenched driving.

You can’t simply deny that the high temperature, flurries of dirt and dust, and the occasional rain of summer can take a toll on the most important parts of your vehicle. So the first and foremost thing to do before you embark on a summer road trip is to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and check whether it is in good condition or not. In addition to that, you should also follow the below-given steps to make sure that your vehicle survives the hot summer drives.

Get the Oil and Oil Filter Changed

You might be aware that intense weather conditions often put extra pressure on the oil and oil filter of your vehicle. The oil in your car serves the function of keeping your engine parts lubricated whereas the oil filter efficiently captures harmful dirt, metal fragments, and debris that might have found their way into the oil system. So, if your last oil change was a while ago, it is best to get the oil and oil filter of your vehicle changed before hitting the road.

Double Check the Fluid Levels

Seasonal changes in the weather may significantly cut down the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and the coolant of your vehicle. So, you will need to check all of these fluid levels before you set out on a road trip. Even the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence recently reported that the major cause of summer vehicle breakdown is overheating. So, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and thoroughly check the fluid levels of the vehicle components.

Check and Monitor the Tire Pressure

If you are planning to drive on rough terrains during your road trip, it is wiser to thoroughly check the condition of the tires of your car. Several drivers fail to realize the fact that the loss and gain of pressure in their car tires depends on the outside temperature. So, you will have to ensure that the tires of your vehicle are properly inflated in summer, as tires with low air pressure wear out much quicker.


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