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Choosing the Right Lights for your Off-Roader

Winter has begun with wet weather and diminishing sunlight. It is very much important to have the right lights on your 4-wheel drive this time of the year than any other time, no matter whether you are taking the highway or hitting the trails. Light bars, fog lights, and spotlights can be a great holiday gift for your off roader. Whether you are searching for lights for your jeep or for your friend’s, the guide provided here by 4×4 off road parts Orange County dealer will help you find the right type of lights to suit your needs.

Driving Lights

Driving lights offers a visibility boost to the OEM headlights of your 4-wheel drive. These lights have same pattern as the high beam headlights, and they can offer the best performance when mounted on windshield pillars or bumpers. LED or HID driving lights can be great accessory for any off-roader, as these lights are exceptionally good at lighting the path and offer about double the brightness and lighting of OEM headlights.

Fog Lights

Fog lights can be great gift for any off-road vehicle, whether the vehicle is used for off-roading or for normal drives. These lights are mounted low on the vehicle, and they emit wide and short beam of light that is designed to remain low. In conditions where visibility is very low, fog lights can offer ample road illumination without any disruption from particles in the air like dust and fog. Some of the fog lights are amber colored offering a warm pool of light. Amber color will also help to decrease glare off fog or snow.

Spot Lights

These lights offer much focused and long path of light. These lights are capable of penetrating deep into darkness than any other type of off-road lights. In fact, these are the brightest lights that you can find for any type of vehicle. The extreme range of selections makes spot lights the perfect lighting choice for off-roaders.

However, for those who love to go off-roading in woody areas, spotlights may not be much beneficial, as the trees and foliage will block the field of vision of the driver. Yet in an open terrain, a quality spotlight can be a boon. These lights offer the best performance when mounted high on the vehicle.

These are the various types of lights that are used to improve visibility of off road vehicles. Visit off road store Orange County to understand more on the types of off road lights, and buy the one that best suits your needs.


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