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Essential Checklist For Off Road Vehicle Maintenance

One of the most important things no off-road vehicle owner should ever miss is the timely maintenance of the vehicle. Off-road vehicles are designed to be used on extreme road conditions and terrains ranging from mountains to swamps. Due to this, the off road parts and components of the vehicle are subject to intense stress than normal vehicles, which will result in severe damages if not maintained properly. Furthermore, effective spreading of these maintenance procedures to all the vital parts of the vehicle requires a checklist of essential things to consider. This safety checklist will give the necessary information on maintenance across the components of the vehicle. The following is a general checklist to consider for maintaining an off-road vehicle. Tires, Wheels, Axle, Suspension Long rides, especially in difficult terrain, can damage some of the major off road parts of the wheel and axle. The axle nuts and bearings can be loosened due to the periodi ... read more

Conventional Motor Oils Vs Synthetic Motor Oils

Most vehicle owners are aware of the fact that synthetic motor oils perform much better than conventional motor oils in protecting vehicles. However, many of them have no clue on why synthetic motor oils offer more protection to their vehicles. Let us see why. Synthetic motor oils are not just refined; they are purified, distilled and broken into basic molecules, to remove impurities from the crude oil. This process also allows the individual molecules in the synthetic oil to be customized according to the needs of modern engines. Most of the synthetic oils available in the market have a balanced and unique formulation, which will help keep the engine of your vehicle running like new. If you are still wondering why you should switch to synthetic oils, then here are a few reasons that will help you reach a conclusion. Keeps Your Engine Cleaner Both conventional and synthetic oils are capable of picking up deposits when it circulates through the engine of ... read more


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Key Reasons to Ensure Proper Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks to be undertaken in your car. Having properly aligned wheels is very important, since it can directly affect many of the important systems in your car. The alignment of the wheels can go out of balance due to prolonged usage, especially if the vehicle is driven on roads full of potholes, debris, and other extreme conditions. Given below are some key reasons for ensuring proper wheel alignment in your car. Improved Fuel Efficiency Improper alignment can cause the wheels to become uncoordinated in their working. This will force the engine to increase the amount of work done to move the vehicle forward. Such increased load in the engine will result in the decline of your car’s fuel efficiency. A proper wheel alignment, on the other hand, will result in perfect coordination of the rotation of the wheels. This will enable the engine to use only a normal amount of work in moving the vehicle forward ... read more


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Simple Tips to Fix Noisy Brakes

The primary cause for brake noise in your vehicle is vibration. All of the brake systems vibrate to a certain degree, which creates an initial noise. A “fast” vibration in the brake system of your vehicle will sound just like a squeal, while a “slow” vibration usually sounds like a groan. If you are wondering why a fast vibration in the brake system of your car sounds like a squeal, then you should realize the fact that the pitch of the resulting sound is entirely based on the frequency of the vibration. This means that a faster vibration in the braking system will create a louder sound. Note that the vibration in one part may result in a secondary vibration in other parts of your vehicle’s brake system. This will make it a lot more difficult to trace the primary source of vibration. If you are looking to fix noisy the brake issue, then there are two ways to do so. The first way is through vibration dampening, while the second one is to simply prevent the vibration in the b ... read more


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