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Issues with the Heating System of Dodge Vans

Dodge Caravan is a passenger minivan that is produced by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles that offer unbeatable fuel efficiency, safety, and comfort. Many Dodge van owners take it for granted that the heater in their van will operate whenever they turn it on. However, without proper maintenance and care, the heater in these vans can malfunction and on a cold morning, you may find out that cold air or no air is coming out the vents of the heater. The Dodge van heater issues and repair steps shared below may help you troubleshoot issues with the heater of the van to make it work effectively again. However, it would be better if you took your van to a professional auto repair shop, as they would be well versed with all sorts of Dodge van repair and make sure that your ride is in top-notch condition. No Air from Vents When you turn on the heater, you may find that no air is coming out of the vents. In such a situation, listen to the blower noise and if you find th ... read more


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3 Must-Have Accessories for your 4 Wheel Drive

If you are planning to take out your 4×4 ride for a thrilling and adventurous long trip, then you should first take the vehicle to an off road store and ensure that the 4-wheel drive is in good working condition. When that’s done, the second most important thing to do would be to make sure that your vehicle has all the necessary accessories for the trip. Unfortunately, some drivers pay less attention to the second factor and end up having troubles at some point in their journey. So, if you wish to avoid such kind of disastrous hassles and fun killing troubles during your adventurous ride, then make sure to equip your 4-wheel drive with these valuable accessories. Roo Bar A front bar or a roo bar offers better protection to the fluid heat exchangers of your vehicle and is one of the most important bush-travel essentials that you must have in your 4×4 vehicle. A pedestrian-friendly front bar that complies with the airbag triggering requirements of the vehicle ... read more



Is your Sprinter Van Losing Power

Whether you are a fleet owner, a business person, a contractor, or the owner of a personal Recreation Vehicle, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van can be a great option for you. We all love the Sprinter vans, as these vans offer great fuel efficiency and power, and are a joy to ride. The vehicle can guarantee the best fuel mileage, better road handling, and advanced performance due to the sophistication and refinement of the turbo diesel engine and the control systems of the vehicle. The turbo diesel engines used in Sprinter vans have many advantages over the gas engines. For instance, improved lifespan and good torque characteristics via a broad range of RPM in Sprinter vans offer great driving comfort. The negative side, however, is that these engines have a sooty exhaust that needs to be controlled regularly so that the van does not cause much pollution. Worry not about polluting the environment– Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans are a cleaner breed of diesel vehicles and use efficient e ... read more


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Mercedes Sprinter Van Repair and Maintenance

A Mercedes Benz Sprinter van can be the bedrock of any business. Obviously, the engine of the vehicle is its heart that allows the van to offer peak performance. Metris and Sprinter van engines are engineered precisely to offer optimum performance, however, the engine will need regular maintenance and repair to ensure peak performance, as the engine of the vehicle is required to cover long distances and haul heavy loads. Our technicians at Topline Performance understand the construction and performance issues of Metris and Sprinter engines. Some of the common engine repairs for Sprinter vans are explained below. Activated “Check Engine” Light A Sprinter van with an activated “Check Engine” light or has entered into the “Limp Mode” can be very frustrating to the driver. The “Check Engine” light on the dashboard will be lighted up when the powertrain control module senses that something is out of the normal. Issues with the glow plugs, turbo, temperature sens ... read more


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Should you Go for All-Season Tires or Winter Tires

All-season tires are sturdy and safe, and if weather permits, they can be used on passenger cars throughout the year. Still, certain driving conditions need to be met to use the all-season tires in a car. For one, the weather in the area plays a key role in determining the /">ideal type of tires to be used. Driving a car with all-season tires is okay if the area you live in does not have much snowfall and the native humidity stays less. However, that might not be the case for those in regions that have heavy snowfall and rainstorm, as the tread compound on all-season tires may harden when the surface stays wet, and that may make controlled driving somewhat tough. The absorption between the road and the all-season tires will be less in such conditions when the tire wears out, which further poses a risk of accidents. All-season tires will provide a decent drive in most parts of the US with the tread accommodating smooth drive in the summer as well as in mild rainy days during the ... read more

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