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How Auto Repair Technicians Deal with Scratches in your Vehicle

Many of us have wondered how local auto repair shops repair can fix the scratches in a vehicle. And to make it even more confusing, most experts say that auto repair technicians perform a number of techniques in order to effectively remove the undesirable scratches from your ride.

Auto repair shops have access to numerous technologies, which can deliver much better results and eliminate the scratches in your car with ease. If you encounter such an issue with your vehicle, it is wiser to contact an auto repair Huntington Beach service as soon as possible, and let them fix the issue before it gets worse. Below are a few points that will explain how professional auto repair technicians remove scratches from a vehicle.

Paint Preparation

Professional auto repair technicians will initially sand down the areas, which surround the scratch. In case of large scratches, the repair technician would use a grinder or sandblaster to complete the task. However, hand sanding is adequate for small scratches.

The surrounding area is cleaned to remove grime, dirt or any other undesirable materials after it is worn down. This task is generally accomplished by using grease removers, wax removers, or metal conditioners. After sufficiently clearing the paint scratch, the technician will apply a preliminary coat of paint primer to maximize the paint adhesion.

Color Matching

It is very difficult to match the color of the paint with the original paint color. This is mainly due to the limited availability of colors in retail auto paint suppliers. However, as expert auto repair shops are well versed in color matching, they would find the exact matching shade for the paint easily.

Furthermore, they also have the skill and expertise to mix paints to create a custom color, which perfectly matches with the color of your vehicle. Hiring a professional repair technician will ensure that the paint scratch repair in your vehicle is invisible.

Final Touch

Professionals at auto repair shops Huntington Beach use compressed air guns while applying paint coat to your ride. They carefully apply the paint in thin layers in slow sweeping motions, and when the first layer dries, additional coats of paint are applied until it reaches the proper depth of the color.

In case of large scratches, approximately 24 coats of paint might be required to achieve the accurate results. A single layer of clear-coated paint is applied after this process in order to offer protection and to make it shine.


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