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Are You Killing Your Car

Owning a car can be a nightmare or dream depending on how you take care of your car. Unfortunately, there are a few things that many of the motorists do that can do much harm to their cars. The auto repair Orange County tips shared below will help you know more.

Ignoring the Check Engine Light

Many of us ignore the check engine light and this can lead to serious engine problems resulting in costly repairs. The engine check light may be alerting you about a problem that is affecting the fuel economy negatively, and this should be dealt with proper care.

Neglecting the Tires

Car tires should be inspected for inflation and tread depth as underinflated tires can wear out quickly. In addition to that, under-inflated tires can negatively affect the safety and performance of the vehicle as well as reduce the gas mileage.

Failing to Change Filters and Fluids

Your car needs many fluids and oils for its proper operation and protection of the various systems and components. So, it is important to check fluid levels regularly together with the different filters. This will help you ensure that the car runs dependably. Moreover, changing the fluids and filters on time will increase the life of your vehicle.

Keeping the Car Dirty

If you allow your car to go too long without wash, it will result in buildup of chemicals and dirt on its body. This will increase the chances of rust from road salt and will also interfere with proper visibility needed for safe driving.

Being a Rash Driver

It is true that you cannot limit severe driving conditions like extreme weather, heavy loads, or rough roads, but you can drive smart and increase the fuel economy of your car by avoiding rash and aggressive driving, observing speed limits, and keeping the car tuned properly.

Failing to Follow the Service Schedule

Many parts and components of your vehicle can wear out or get damaged over time. This is the reason why it is very important to service your vehicle from time to time. Following the service schedule strictly will ensure that your car perform optimally as routine inspections will help you do repair and maintenance on time.

Auto repair shops Orange County say that routine maintenance and repair can go a long way towards saving money, and protecting your vehicle. Besides, this will keep your car running smoothly and will help you avoid expensive repairs down the lane.


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