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How to Have an Affordable Brake Job

Many of us vent about brake failures and issues, and share our frustrating experiences on brake jobs. It is true that brake jobs are important and confusing area of car repair, but the brake service Orange County tips shared below can help you know more on that.

Educate Yourself

The first thing that you should do is understand the various technical terms of brake repair like disc brake assembly, brake hoses, drum brake assembly, and master cylinder. A normal brake job usually involves replacing brake linings (brake pads and shoes), resurfacing the brake drums and rotors, bleeding the braking system, filling new brake fluid, and checking the components for wear and tear.

When to Question

In many situations, drums and rotors can be resurfaced, rather than replacing them at once. However, these components need to be replaced at times, especially if they are worn out beyond the safety limits. Other repairs needed for brakes include replacement or rebuilding of wheel cylinders, brake calipers, or the master cylinder. As a general rule of thumb, you should enquire about the reasons for replacing the brake shoes or pads and the drums or rotors.

Make Signoff a Requirement

When you drop your vehicle off at any of the brake repair shops near Orange County, inform the service team that you would like to get a phone call with estimated charges for the repair before they start with the job. Also, clarify politely that they should not do any job on the vehicle until you have authorized it.

Enquire About Fit

Some of the spare part shops sell less expensive generic brake pads that can help you reduce the service costs. Some of these generic brake pads do not necessarily fit all the vehicle models well, and can lead to excessive noise while applying brakes. If you are opting for generic brake pads, ensure that the pads fit well with the brake system of your vehicle, else go for factory brake pads that are designed for the model of vehicle that you use.

Shop Around

Take good notes when the repair technician explains about the kind of brake repair that your vehicle needs. You may then contact other brake repair shops near Orange County to know the charges for the exact same work. You may try different options like independent shops, dealerships, and chain outlets. This will prevent you from being ripped off by any brake service center.


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