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Importance of Car Air Conditioning Service

A properly working car AC is essential to keep the car comfortable round the clock. A regular car air conditioning service will check for faults such as drive belt tension, refrigerant leaks, and loose or faulty mounting brackets and compressor. However, car air conditioning service Orange County technicians will perform an all-round comprehensive air conditioning service to ensure that the air conditioning system of your vehicle is in the best working condition.

Vehicle air conditioning systems has a number of seals and hoses that can crack or dry out, leading to coolant leaks and poor performance of the system. When you visit car air conditioning service Orange County, trained mechanics will do a series of checks to find issues with the system and replace faulty parts to get the air conditioning system in perfect state.

If you feel that your vehicle air conditioning is not working properly, needs a gas refill, or you have not serviced the AC system for a long time, this is the right time to book a car air conditioning service and ensure proper working of the AC system. Trained and experienced technicians at auto repair stores near Orange County will:

  • Inspect pulleys and drive belts;
  • Examine operation of thermostats and valves;
  • Check hoses and components of the system;
  • Monitor the condenser temperature;
  • Refill the refrigerant oil;
  • Charge the system with recommended refrigerant, if needed;
  • Check suction line temperature reading;
  • Test the system lines and components for any leakage; and
  • Run the car to check air vent temperature.

If you have you noticed any nasty smell coming out of the air vents of the AC, this can be due to the buildup of bacteria in the air conditioning system. The issue should be addressed quickly, as bacteria build up can lead to many health issues.

Air conditioning system of modern cars will trap more moisture to maintain cabin temperature. The presence of high moisture content will lead to mould, bacteria, and mildew buildup, as moisture is the ideal habitat for these microorganisms. Experts at auto repair near Orange County would do a simple mist treatment to kill the microorganisms and remove the smell.

If you find any issues with the air conditioning system of your car, take your ride to an expert auto repair service and get the AC system serviced before things get worse.

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