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Importance of Timely Brake Service

Maintaining the brakes of your vehicle is very important to ensure your safety. If you hear a squealing sound from the brakes, it means that the brakes need immediate attention and repairs. Understanding the parts of the brake system will help you find issues in the system easily. When you push on the brake pedal, brake pads create friction to slow down the vehicle. The heat that is built up due to this friction is dispersed by the brake rotor, which keeps the braked pads and other parts from overheating. You need to look for the signs listed below to know if there are any issues in the brake system of your car. Brake pedal gives a spongy feel and depresses farther to the floor. The vehicle pulls to the left or right side when you apply the brakes. You hear unusual noises and feel vibrations while braking. The above are some of the classic indications of issues in the brake system. Apart from that, many of the latest brake pads have built-in metal componen ... read more


Brake Service
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