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Wiring and Installing Off Road Lights

You might think that installing off road lights on your truck is an easy task. It is true as long as you understand what you are doing and follow the instructions clearly. The steps might look very easy, but you will need to pay attention to the amperage and gauge required for the electric load. Else, your off road lights can go from high intensity illumination to some charred connection. Note that the steps to wire off road lights might vary with your vehicle, model of light, and methods of installation. However, below are some general installation instructions to get you started. The technicians in the off road store from where you are planning to buy the lights might help you with the installation. Installing Off Road Lights The first thing to do before installing off road lights is to find if the electrical system of your truck is powerful enough to support extra lights. To find the power of the alternator, you can determine the output current of the al ... read more

Advantages of Using Waterless Coolant for Off Road Vehicles

Off road vehicles consist of heavy-duty engines tuned for performance and are designed to operate under any kind of terrain. That is why the heat generated by these engines is quite high when compared to those produced by normal engines. Most of these off road vehicles use water-based coolants for cooling the engine. However, these coolants suffer from many disadvantages and are insufficient to cool the engine of an off road vehicle. Waterless coolants are ideal for off road vehicles, as they can help to maintain a consistent engine operating temperature. They contain a mixture of glycols without water and have a high boiling point of 375 degrees. They are available in most off road gear stores and are increasingly used by most vehicle owners. Below are the advantages of using waterless coolant for off road vehicles. Prevents Overheating Waterless coolant has a boiling point of 375 degrees, which is much higher than the 226-degree boiling point of water-bas ... read more

Steps in Replacing Differential Fluid in your Off Roader

The differential is one of the crucial components in an off roader and aids in transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Inside the differential specific gears uniformly distribute the rotational energy from the engine to the wheels without any loss of power. Besides its power transfer function, the differential also allows the wheels to spin differently, particularly when the vehicle executes a turn. Due to this, it provides better stability and traction to the wheels when the off road vehicle is in rough terrains. Apart from the engine and transmission, the differentials are the heavy-duty components in a vehicle. Due to this, it is subjected to extreme stress and pressure that can result in wear and tear of the gear components. Usually, the differentials are filled with a differential fluid that lubricates the gear drives for its smooth functioning. However, the differential oil will get quickly drained due to its continuous operation, and that could cause friction among ... read more

Off Road Store Orange County

Choosing the Right Running Boards for your Off-Road Rig If you own a jeep, a truck, or an SUV, then you probably believe that 4x4s can serve as a good canvas to make an individual vehicle identity for you, as the overall shape and design of these vehicles tend to highlight strength and power. Off road vehicle owners know that adding side steps or running boards to their vehicle can make a big impact. Yet while choosing running boards and side steps, you should consider both form and functionality. Running boards, rocker bars, side steps, and other types of steps that are sold by off road store Orange County are available in variety of styles and finishes. You can also find corrosion free stainless steel and aluminum versions of these parts. There are also parts made from mild steel, that are coated with durable and weather resistant powder coat. Finding the One for you The first thing is to decide is whether you need a true running boar ... read more

The Significance of Transmission and Transfer Case in Off Road Vehicles

It is evident that the people who prefer to go on an off-road trip know more about their 4x4s than the average driver does. Off-road fans prefer modifying their vehicles to get more flexibility, power, and capability, and also know the importance of regular maintenance and care of their rides. However, there are a few people who may have to go off-road because their job or lifestyle demands it. They might not have much idea about their rides and hence, they may encounter problems while driving off road. To help such guys, below are a few things to consider for proper care and maintenance of a 4×4 ride. Transmission The chances for internal wear and overheating are higher in off-road vehicles as they are heavily dependent on their transmission, hence, the transmission fluid must be replaced regularly as a precautionary measure. Overheating is a common phenomenon in automatic transmission. The oil inside your vehicle will lose its lubricant property as a result of overhea ... read more

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