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3 Simple Checks to Conduct on your Four-Wheel Drive

Several people who own four-wheel drives and the ones who love to navigate through difficult terrains in their vehicle often fail to pay attention to the fact that off road driving can put a severe amount of stress on your vehicle. It is significant to realize that conducting a thorough inspection of 4x4 off road parts before and after an off road drive will help you to ensure that your vehicle is in fine condition. Most four-wheel drive owners usually check important things such as the tire pressure of their vehicle, coolant, oil level, and others. Unfortunately, they often ignore small or less important parts of their vehicle. However, you should note that any sort of issues to such parts of your vehicle will gradually result in serious damages to your vehicle and you may even have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix it. Off roading enthusiasts who wish to stay away from these kinds of hassles should check the following parts of their vehicle before embarking on an adventurous tr ... read more

Signs of a Faulty Universal Joint in Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles

The universal joints are an essential component of rear-wheel drive trucks, off-road vehicles, four-wheel drive trucks, and SUVs, that transfer the power from the driveshaft to the differential. Universal joints can transfer the torque and rotational power while allowing any height misalignment between the transmission and the rear axle. They are positioned in pairs on the drive shaft, which allows each end to bend and negotiate the misalignment all the while transferring power to the wheels. Universal joints, being a heavy-duty component in off-road and rear wheel drive vehicles, can undergo many issues that lead to its failure. These can severely affect the movement of the vehicle and can cause great losses in the rotational power and torque transmitted from the engine to the wheels. However, a faulty universal joint in a vehicle exhibits several symptoms that one can look for when driving. Below are the key signs of a faulty universal joint in a vehicle. Squeaky Nois ... read more

Factors to Consider Before Buying Off Road Tires

Driving across difficult terrains and river crossings in an off road vehicle is one of the most adventurous and exciting thing to do. If you own a four-wheel drive, then you might be planning to drive off road. However, you will need to make sure that your off roader has the right type of tires before you embark on a journey in your vehicle. There are plenty of different types of tires available in the market, and while some of them are specifically designed for off road driving, others are not suitable for that. Unfortunately, several people who own a four-wheel drive have no idea on which tires are the best choice for their vehicles. Therefore, these people end up choosing a wrong tire for their off-road vehicle, which in turn brings serious issues to the vehicle eventually. So, if you wish to avoid such dangerous hazard, then make sure to keep these 3 factors in mind when you are in search of a new tire for your off roader. Consider the Terrain The f ... read more

Importance of Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment in Safe Driving

Road safety authorities always give much importance and attention to aspects of vehicle maintenance like tire safety. As vehicle issues contribute to road accidents and crashes, it is important to pay attention to the components of the vehicle. Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are aspects that are often neglected by vehicle owners. These aspects are confused most of the times and little to no attention is given to the importance of aligning and balancing wheels. However, both wheel balancing and wheel alignment contribute to the tire life and are important factors that ensure road safety. You may do the car air conditioning service at regular intervals, but might not remember about aligning and balancing the wheels. There can be many auto repair shops in your area that claim to balance and align wheels. However, you need to find a shop that has skilled technicians and proper equipment to do the same. Proper wheel balancing is required to allow the wheel to spin without a ... read more

Should you Go for All-Season Tires or Winter Tires

All-season tires are sturdy and safe, and if weather permits, they can be used on passenger cars throughout the year. Still, certain driving conditions need to be met to use the all-season tires in a car. For one, the weather in the area plays a key role in determining the /">ideal type of tires to be used. Driving a car with all-season tires is okay if the area you live in does not have much snowfall and the native humidity stays less. However, that might not be the case for those in regions that have heavy snowfall and rainstorm, as the tread compound on all-season tires may harden when the surface stays wet, and that may make controlled driving somewhat tough. The absorption between the road and the all-season tires will be less in such conditions when the tire wears out, which further poses a risk of accidents. All-season tires will provide a decent drive in most parts of the US with the tread accommodating smooth drive in the summer as well as in mild rainy days during the ... read more

Importance of Steering Ball Joint in Cars

Ball joints are very important part of the suspension and steering system of any car. These joints attach the wheel hub to the rest of the suspension system. This connection should be able to move vertically for shock absorption and horizontally for steering. Therefore, ball joints are used to facilitate movement in all direction. Ball joints usually last for years, but they also undergo wear and tear. There is a polished metal ball inside the joint, which slides inside a polished metal cage to allow functioning of the steering. The space between the cage and ball is filled with grease to offer proper lubrication to the joint thereby reducing wear. A rubber boot is provided to protect the joint from dust and dirt and to keep grease inside it. However, if by any chance the grease leaks out of the joint or if dust and dirt enter the joint, it will get damaged and worn out. Some of the warning signs of ball joint damage are explained below. Look for these signs into your car t ... read more

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