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Common Types of Dashboard Warnings on Cars Needing Service

Check engine light in cars often indicates an engine damage on the vehicle. Engine overheating and low oil pressure are the other indicators on the car dashboard that warn the passenger of an immediate attention. If you happen to notice the warning sign on the car dashboard, consider pulling over and turning off the engine in a safe parking lot prior to calling auto repair service.

Note that there is a difference between solid check engine light emissions to flashing ones on the dashboard of cars. The solid check engine light may indicate the issue have previously happened in the car, and is perhaps a problem of light emission, so you should check for that sooner rather than later in auto repair shops. A common cause that makes the warning light go on include loosened or damaged gas caps that taps the pipe’s end leading up to the fuel tank.

Professionals in auto repair shops say that solid check engine light is not all that serious a problem, but it is ideal to get it checked when that happens. However, experts say that flashing check engine light necessitates immediate attention in comparison.

Another indicator that flashes by on the dashboard of cars is one that indicates low battery. The battery warning light emits when the car starts and most probably disappears soon. Yet if the warning sign of low battery does not go off when you drive the car, it is likely to be a battery issue, a charging fault, or an issue with the drive belt spinning the alternator. In most of the contemporary cars, a serpentine belt controls the automated function of charging the battery, so any issue with that would make the indicator light up on your car dashboard.

Note that any damage to the drive belt may lead to loss of power steering control, cause your brakes to malfunction, and bring about many other severe issues. Whatever be the cause, you should take battery light warning on the car’s dashboard on a serious note and get it attended at an auto repair shop nearby, so that your future drives stay safe on the road.

Furthermore, if the car battery dates 2 years prior to low battery notification, it may require a replacement. If not, maybe there is an issue with the alternator or the cables. As always, it is better to schedule a periodic car maintenance service at a reliable auto repair shop to avoid any such issues.


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