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Conventional Motor Oils Vs Synthetic Motor Oils

Most vehicle owners are aware of the fact that synthetic motor oils perform much better than conventional motor oils in protecting vehicles. However, many of them have no clue on why synthetic motor oils offer more protection to their vehicles. Let us see why.

Synthetic motor oils are not just refined; they are purified, distilled and broken into basic molecules, to remove impurities from the crude oil. This process also allows the individual molecules in the synthetic oil to be customized according to the needs of modern engines.

Most of the synthetic oils available in the market have a balanced and unique formulation, which will help keep the engine of your vehicle running like new. If you are still wondering why you should switch to synthetic oils, then here are a few reasons that will help you reach a conclusion.

Keeps Your Engine Cleaner

Both conventional and synthetic oils are capable of picking up deposits when it circulates through the engine of your vehicle. However, most of the conventional oils will eventually form sludge, which will, in turn, reduce the efficiency and performance of your vehicle’s engine. On the other hand, synthetic oils have fewer impurities than conventional motor oils, meaning that they can resist sludge formation to keep your vehicle’s engine cleaner.

Greater Engine Wear Protection

All engine components constantly contact with each another when you are driving your vehicle. You should also understand that these engine parts are moving at very high speeds to throttle your vehicle forward. This will eventually lead to the wearing of the engine parts. However, the motor oil acts as a protective barrier between the components of your engine, decreasing wear and tear. Synthetic motor oil does an impressive job of retaining the wear protection properties for longer periods, which in turn increases engine life.

Better Protection at High Temperatures

The engine of your vehicle will be very hot when it is running. The higher temperature in the engine will eventually result in the evaporation or breakdown of conventional motor oils, exposing the engine to wear. On the other hand, synthetic motor oils are designed in such a way that they are capable of withstanding these severe temperatures. This is particularly important when you are driving through hot climatic conditions.


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