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Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Caring for your car varies accordingly with the changing seasons and it is important to know about this fact. With the changing seasons, ensuring a proper maintenance is vital in order to protect the vehicle from many of the external elements prevalent in such times. Doing so will guarantee the performance of the car, while also giving additional safety and comfort for driving.

Spring especially requires some level of maintenance that differs from other major seasonal repairs commonly done on your vehicle. Seasonal maintenance routine requires keeping the vehicle ready for the climatic changes. This involves checking every vital aspect of the vehicle in order to ensure their proper working. Given below are some of the things that you should check while preparing your vehicle for the spring season.

Coolant Antifreeze

Antifreeze solutions are mainly used in the cold months of winter. However, it has a huge role in keeping off the engine heat during spring and summer as well. The antifreeze aids in maintaining the engine at constant temperatures to ensure its proper working. They also play a vital role in preventing engine overheating and breakdowns during warm weather conditions. Check for the antifreeze levels in your vehicle and top it up if the levels are below the prescribed limits.

Air Conditioning Unit

The air conditioning unit in your vehicle must provide the appropriate cooling efficiency in times of warmer weather conditions. The A/C units can start malfunctioning due to its limited usage during winter seasons, and lead to decreased cooling in times of hot weather, that will make it uncomfortable for traveling in the vehicle. Conducting a proper inspection of the air conditioning unit in your vehicle by a qualified technician is highly recommended.

Tire Pressure

The varying temperatures can affect the tire pressures immensely, which will directly influence the performance and safety of your vehicle. During warmer climates, the tire pressures can drop to a considerable amount, which can take a toll on the mileage as well as the wear and tear of the tires. So, check the tire pressure regularly and perform the maintenance works as needed.

Transmission and Brake Fluids

When preparing your vehicle for the spring season, it is important to check the condition of the transmission and brake fluids. However, it would be better to hire the services of a qualified auto repair technician to check and replace the fluids, because any slight error in doing so can lead to further issues in the brake system of the car.


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