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Factors to Consider Before an Oil Change

There were only a few choices for motor oil until a couple of years ago. However, that’s not the case anymore and vehicle owners do have the luxury to choose a motor oil from a wide variety of options available in the market. Yet again, the availability of different motor oils have resulted in creating doubts among many vehicle owners on which motor oil would be the best choice for their vehicle.

If you are in such confusion, then you should immediately consult with auto repair Newport Beach experts and ask them for advice. Below are a few factors that you should certainly consider before making an oil change.


Viscosity is actually a measure of how thick the oil of your vehicle is and it also retains the pour properties of the oil at different temperatures. Synthetic oil is a lot more superior to other motor oils when we consider this aspect. This is because the viscosity of synthetic oil is a lot more uniform.

Premium Conventional Oil

The premium conventional oil works fine for most vehicles. Conventional oil effectively protects the engine parts of your vehicle from overheating and wearing out. One of the major advantages of using conventional oil is that they are available with different additive packages and viscosities for various applications.

High Mileage Oil

More than two-third of the cars on the road today have crossed over 75,000 miles, which means that these vehicles lasted much longer. The conditioners in the high mileage oil effectively swell the gaskets and they also prevent leaks around the areas, where the gaskets may have cracked or shrunk. High mileage oil is actually designed for better viscosity properties.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Just as the name suggests, synthetic blend oils split the difference between synthetic and conventional oils in the case of both price point and protection. Synthetic oils are a popular choice for SUVs and trucks, particularly when the drivers subject them to hauling or towing heavy loads.

Full Synthetic

It is a fact that synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in all aspects. Synthetic oil has better viscosity properties and it is more stable and purer. If you are taking your vehicle for an oil change to the repair technicians who deal with oil change Newport Beach, then they will suggest you go with synthetic oil over other choices.


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