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Five Common Reasons for Car AC System Failure

Most of the AC systems in a car work in a similar basic way. However, AC system failure is very common these days, as modern vehicles use comparatively less refrigerant. Even minute leaks are capable of affecting the system and it may gradually lead to the failure of the entire AC system.

If you are encountering frequent AC problems in your car, then it is necessary to consult with an AC service technician, and get the issue fixed before anything serious happens. Below are a few factors that the technician will check, if your car AC system is not working properly.

Oil Residues

The AC technician will initially conduct a visual inspection of your AC system and check for the presence of any oily residues. The presence of oil indicates leakage in your car AC system. The leaks may be from compressors, condensers, hoses, or from any other AC components.

Side Readings

The next step is to check the live and static readings of your AC system. The technician will connect an AC gauge set to the AC system and note the readings. If the readings on both low and high side indicate zero, it means that there is a leakage in your car AC system. However, if both the readings show 125 psi, it means that the system has been overcharged.

Blower Speed

If the blower speeds inside your car AC system fails, then the air will not be able to move into the passenger compartment and you may not get enough cooling. However, the AC system will continue to function even when a couple of blowers don’t work. Therefore, it is important to consult an AC expert if you feel the AC cooling is not enough as it was earlier.


The AC system in a car will not function properly, if the compressor unit is down. The front disc of the compressor plays a vital role of pumping the air. If the compressor unit is damaged, the refrigerant pressure will remain constant, ultimately leading to the total failure of the AC system.

Compressor Clutch

Another reason for your AC system failure is the quick engaging and disengaging of the compressor clutch. If your system uses low refrigerant, then the chances for your compressor to go on and off frequently are higher. As the oil present inside the system serves as the lubricant for the compressor, the absence of enough lubrication will force the AC system to shut down.

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