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Getting a Snorkel for your Off-Road Vehicle

Snorkels are very important components for an off road Vehicle. Read below to learn more about the different types of snorkels and their functions.

Off Road Snorkel Kits

The main function of using snorkels is to prevent water and dusts from entering the engine of your 4×4 while you are, say, trying to cross a river. We know how water can damage the engine of your vehicle, but with a good snorkel, you can go anywhere with your 4×4.

We know that almost all vehicle manufacturers build their engines with a front facing air intake that is placed close to the front grill, as the air here will be the coolest. The function of a snorkel is to lift the air intake of your 4×4 to a height, which would be somewhat equal to the roof height of the vehicle. Apparently, fitting a snorkel to your 4×4 will prevent water and dust from entering the engine and ensure that the engine gets cool and clean air.

Installing a snorkel to your four-wheel drive is definitely in the list of top four things to do to make your 4×4 capable of going anywhere. In addition to that, it will not cost you much to install snorkel to your 4WD. Below are two of the most powerful snorkel types you can choose.

Air Ram Snorkel

This type of snorkel rams the air down the scoop, when the vehicle is moving. Dust and moisture is heavier than air and these will be forced against the back of the snorkel head, eventually being vented out of the drain holes. This will ensure supply of clean moisture free air to the air intake. Additional cleaning of the air will be done by the air filters in the engine.

Vortex Snorkel

Centrifugal force is the working principle of Vortex snorkels. The air is made to move through a series of blades in the snorkel head. As the air moves quickly inside the snorkel, the dust and moisture particles will be thrown away to the sides, where these particles are collected are removed from the bottom. These are the two main types of snorkels. If you are looking to buy off road gear for trucks or 4WDs, you can get them from an online off road parts dealer like Topline Performance that always sells genuine parts.


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