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Is your Sprinter Van Losing Power

Whether you are a fleet owner, a business person, a contractor, or the owner of a personal Recreation Vehicle, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van can be a great option for you. We all love the Sprinter vans, as these vans offer great fuel efficiency and power, and are a joy to ride. The vehicle can guarantee the best fuel mileage, better road handling, and advanced performance due to the sophistication and refinement of the turbo diesel engine and the control systems of the vehicle.

The turbo diesel engines used in Sprinter vans have many advantages over the gas engines. For instance, improved lifespan and good torque characteristics via a broad range of RPM in Sprinter vans offer great driving comfort. The negative side, however, is that these engines have a sooty exhaust that needs to be controlled regularly so that the van does not cause much pollution.

Worry not about polluting the environment– Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans are a cleaner breed of diesel vehicles and use efficient emission control systems that can reduce the NOx emissions to over eighty percent. Yet with all these sophisticated emission control systems, users are bound to face other complexities and problems.

Some of the Sprinter owners have complained about problems like:

  • Sudden loss of power on the move and the van going into the limp home mode
  • Turbo lag
  • Turbo not operating

If you feel that your Sprinter van is experiencing any of the above issues, you need to contact the best auto repair in your area and get your van inspected and maintained.

Just like many of the modern vehicles, Sprinter vans also feature many onboard sensors and computers that monitor many data points to accurately control the operations of the vehicle. As there are many sensors, faults in any of the sensor can lead to engine issues like the “Limp Home Mode”, wherein the vehicle would not move any faster than forty miles per hour. The engine may even shut down due to any complex sensor issues.

Usually, the issues in Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans will be accompanied by fault codes, but even if these codes appear, you may not be able to see these codes, as an OBDII scanner needs to be connected to the system to see the full range of the error codes. Issues in the intake system of the vehicle can also lead to loss of power and the components need to be checked properly to verify that everything is working perfectly.


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