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My Check Engine Light is On - What Do I Do?

We understand that it can be extremely stressful to see your vehicle’s check engine light turn on. You may be confused, especially if you haven’t noticed any other obvious signs of an issue. When the check engine light turns on, your vehicle is telling you that it has sensed some type of problem with your vehicle. However, it doesn’t always indicate a major or expensive problem. The only way to know the real cause of the issue is to have diagnostics run at your local trusted auto repair shop. 
Your vehicle includes a complex computer system that is connected to sensors on different components throughout your vehicle. When a system isn’t working properly, a sensor will detect this and send a signal to the computer system, which will trigger the check engine light to turn on. As soon as you notice the check engine light turn on, it is important to have your vehicle inspected at your earliest convenience. Continuing to drive your vehicle with the check engine light on can make a small problem bigger and more expensive. It can also risk your safety if the issue is a major one. 
If you are noticing any other symptoms along with the check engine light, it is important to note those down to bring into the shop. This will help your mechanics better understand what the problem could be. Once your local shop runs diagnostics, they will be able to pinpoint where the problem is coming from, but symptoms can help when it comes to more particular repairs within a system. 
If your vehicle’s check engine light has turned on and you need expert computer diagnostics, bring your vehicle into Topline Performance or give us a call today!
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