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You might have installed new shocks and struts to your off road vehicle, but that does not mean that you are all set to hit the trails with every off road gear in Huntington Beach. It is important to ensure that your off roader is set up with the proper protection measures.

Off-road bumpers are designed to give your rugged ride, safety, and style. Some off-road bumpers also serve as mounting spots for light bars and winches. These bumpers protect your ride in fender benders and give that lift of attitude.

Types of Off-Road Bumpers

Off-road bumpers are available in many different models and styles to meet the specific requirements of the users. Whether you are looking for a front bumper or rear bumper, you will find many models to choose from in an off road store Huntington Beach, but it will be good to stick with the brand names that you can trust. The various types of off-road bumpers are:

Stinger Bumpers

This type of bumper is shaped like a boomerang and has a triangular tube extension at the middle. The extension tips upward at an angle of forty-five degrees. You may also find a stinger bumper with hoop extending higher than the hood of the vehicle.

Off Road Recovery Bumpers

These bumpers serve the purpose of offering a way to pull out your off roader when it is stuck. These bumpers should be installed firmly to make sure that it is not ripped out while trying to tow your vehicle. Off road recovery bumpers also have shackle mounts attached to it, so you do not need to drill the bumper to attach the shackles.

Stubby Bumpers

These bumpers are shorter than most of the typical off road bumpers. The advantage here is tire installation as the bumper allows installing tires with big diameter. This type of bumper is best suited for terrains and highways, where the tires of the ride can move unobstructed and free.

Tubular Bumpers

These bumpers are usually simple in design, as they have two tubes that run across the front of the vehicle. There is also a large loop tube around the center of the bumper to offer more protection at the center. These bumpers are not suitable for towing purposes though.

These are the main types of bumpers you can get from an off road store in Huntington Beach. Contact our experts to learn more about the features and uses of different types of off road bumpers.

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