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Inspect 4WD Solid Axle Wheel Bearings

Maintenance is the key to survival of any 4WD vehicle. Most of us take care of the big-ticket items when it comes to the maintenance of our rigs, but often skip the small ones. However, one of these small items that can bring your rig to a grinding halt is the wheel bearings. If you do not take proper care of axle wheel bearings of your off road rig, you will have to visit off road store Orange County sooner or later, and ask for a replacement.

Now, you might be wondering how to keep the wheel bearings rolling smoothly. The first thing that you should do is to get maintenance manual for your 4WD vehicle. If you have the proper tools and knowledge, it will be very easy to find issues with the wheel bearings to get it fixed on time. The steps explained below will help you find any issues with the solid axle wheel bearing of your off roader.

Inspecting 4WD Wheel Bearings

The best way to check a 4WD wheel bearing is to jack up a tire, grab on the tire and then wiggle it. If the bearing is okay, the wheel will not have any play. Now you may spin the tire to see if it is rotating freely without any noises. Repeat these steps for all the four tires. If you find that the wheel has play or it makes some noise while spinning, you should get it checked by an expert off road gear Orange County technician.

If you do not find any issues with the wheel, you will need to check the bearing races, which is the surface on which the rollers or balls of the bearing run on. Bearing races should be smooth and should be free of any surface irregularities. If you find that there are abnormalities with the bearing race, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

You should understand that you would need proper tools to get access to the bearing races. If you don’t, get in touch with an off road vehicle repair technician to do the task for you. Do not attempt to check the bearing races, if you do not have the proper tools or know-how, as it can severely damage the bearings.

These are the steps to inspect 4WD solid axle wheel bearings. If you find that the wheel bearings of your off roader are okay, you can apply grease on the bearings to lubricate them.


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