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Vehicle engines are made of mechanical parts that need proper lubrication to avoid damage due to wear and tear. As the engine oil plays this vital role of lubrication, it is very important for timely engine oil change in Orange County. The oil can get contaminated with dirt, dust, and debris from the moving parts of the engine and from the environment, and when this happens, the oil will not be able to do its job properly.

Changing the engine oil and filter proactively is the best way to ensure that the engine work at its best and void costly repairs and replacements. Some of the main advantages of timely oil change as described by expert auto repair Orange County services, are discussed below.


All the mechanical parts inside an engine, like pistons and valves, move at very high speeds and create lot of heat. If the engine does not have proper levels of oil, the heat can lead to premature wear and tear.


As said, mechanical parts without proper lubrication can lead to friction and heat buildup that can be very much damaging to the engine. Maintaining proper oil levels is the best way to prevent unnecessary friction and overheating of the engine.


Without proper lubrication, the engine will consume more fuel, leading to a big drop in the mileage. The US Department of Energy claims that with proper oil change, gas mileage of an engine can be improved by 1-2%.

Engine Durability

We all know that routine maintenance will make the engine of your vehicle last longer. Dirt and dust build-up inside the engine can drain power and fuel efficiency of the engine, making the components to work harder. An engine that works very hard is prone to many problems and will have a reduced lifespan.

Sludge and Wear Particles

Dirt and dust particles are very dangerous to engines. Deposits of dirt and dust can lead to corrosion and decrease in engine life. Additionally, engine breaks down with time and turns to sludge. Routine oil and filter changes will remove sludge and particles from engine to keep it at peak condition.

A recent study suggested that twenty-two percent of the vehicles in the US are running with dirty engine oil. So, get in touch with the best auto repair in Orange County, and make sure you do not fall in that category.


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