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Overlanding – The Latest Trend in Off-Roading

Overlanding a very rapidly growing segment in the off-road industry, buy not many of us know what the term exactly means. You can ask different persons about overlanding and you will get a variety of answers. Simply put, overlanding is a type of off road trip that involves traveling great distances by land while being self-sufficient all the times.

Typical overland off road trips can last for many days and will take you to remote suburbs that are off the grid. Cooking, camping, exploring and enjoying the outdoors, etc., are some parts of overland trips. Overlanding is not about conquering off road trails, but it includes the journey and its experience. You can have a variety of cool gear from off road parts store to equip your ride for an overlanding off road grip. Some of the signature overlanding gears that you need to look for are the roof top tent (RTT), storage systems, fridge freezer, racks, Ham radio, and GPS systems.

Off road gears will play an important role in the success of the off road trip, as overlanding can span hundreds of dirt miles spreading to several days. So it is important for you to check out the best off road store in your location and get hold of all the overlanding off road gears that you will need for your trip.

Overlanding has become a popular off road trend these days as it is family friendly and can be a good excuse to get out of the house and camp. Many off road gear manufacturers are offering overlanding off road products for the popular vehicles like Toyota trucks, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rovers, and SUVs. Overlanding gears are also available for full size trucks.

Unlike the rock crawling off road vehicles, that are equipped with extreme suspension and increased ground clearance to conquer rocky terrains, overland vehicle modification focuses on the comfort and reliability of the ride. These vehicles are built to be functional and should be capable of handling heavy loads.

Reliability is a very important and factor and most of the times, a set of off road shocks with sturdy and heavy springs combined with three-ply tires can do the trick. Get in touch with your nearest off road store and get set for your next overlanding trip today!


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