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Preparing your Rig for an Off-Road Adventure

One of the popular misconceptions about off-roading is that you just drive to any place that you please, without any prior preparations and planning. That is not true – in fact, you should never do that.

It is important to plan the off road trip in advance and make sure that you have made all the necessary arrangements and preparations for the trip. In addition, it is important to be prepared for emergencies while you are on the trip.

Whether you are planning to hit an old or a new off road trail, preparation should start long before you start packing your bags. Of course, the list of off road gear that you need to take with you will depend on the terrain where you are heading. To help you out, below are a few quick tips to note and plan your off road trip like a pro.

Check Basics

You will need to check all the fluids in the off road vehicle before you hit the trail. This includes engine coolant, oil levels, steering fluid, and brake fluid. Make sure that all the fluids and oils are topped up to the proper level and check that the system is not leaking. It is also a wise idea to carry extra fluids with you in a case of any emergency. In addition, you need to check the air filter box and clean it if necessary.

Check Tires

Next, you need to check the condition of the tires. Make sure to check the spare wheel also and ensure that all the tires are inflated to the proper pressure. Remember, you need to check the tread on the tires too and check if it is suitable for the terrain that you are planning to ride on. Make sure that the tires can withstand the rough off road trails.

Check Ball Joints

Check the ball joints, wheel bearings, and tie rod ends for wear and tear. This can be done by jacking up the vehicle and securing the front wheel. Wheel bearing can be checked by grabbing the tire at the top and bottom and rocking it with force. If you find that there is excess movement, go to your nearest off road parts store and replace the wheel bearings with new ones.

Check Shocks

You will also have to ensure that the suspension system of the vehicle is in top condition. Check the shock absorbers of the ride for any wear and tear or leaks. Note that you need to replace leaky and worn out shock absorbers before the ride as you are going to need those shocks in rough terrains.


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