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Simple Tips to Fix Noisy Brakes

The primary cause for brake noise in your vehicle is vibration. All of the brake systems vibrate to a certain degree, which creates an initial noise. A “fast” vibration in the brake system of your vehicle will sound just like a squeal, while a “slow” vibration usually sounds like a groan.

If you are wondering why a fast vibration in the brake system of your car sounds like a squeal, then you should realize the fact that the pitch of the resulting sound is entirely based on the frequency of the vibration. This means that a faster vibration in the braking system will create a louder sound.

Note that the vibration in one part may result in a secondary vibration in other parts of your vehicle’s brake system. This will make it a lot more difficult to trace the primary source of vibration.

If you are looking to fix noisy the brake issue, then there are two ways to do so. The first way is through vibration dampening, while the second one is to simply prevent the vibration in the brake system of your vehicle.

Vibration Dampening

Hi-Temp Grease

One of the simplest ways to dampen the vibration in your car is to apply high-temperature silicon grease on floating pins and caliper sides. This will efficiently prevent caliper chatter and binding, which will in turn dampen the vibrations inside your car.

Shim Insulators

You will be able to develop a permanent cushion for dampening the vibrations by using shim insulators. Some of the brake pads use the applied shims as insulators that can delaminate or migrate during use. This will reduce the vibrations and solve the issue to a certain extent.

Vibration Prevention


Wash the rotor unit of your car braking system with hot water and soap, as it will help you to remove abrasive grit and metallic fragments that are trapped on the surface of the rotor. Take your car to an auto repair shop because they will help you to remove all contaminants in the braking system that causes the squeal and chatter noise.


The repair technicians at the auto repair shop will replace all pins, springs, and anti-rattle clips that have lost their spring temperature because of the increased brake heat. They will also ensure that the brake pads are free to move, which will prevent the chances of vibrations.


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