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The Different Types of Off Road Tracks

Now that you have got your off road rig all ready by visiting the 4×4 off road parts store near your location, you might be waiting to hit the tracks. However, you need to be warned that off roading can be a really challenging adventure, but is always a lot of fun for the off road lovers. Before hitting the tracks, you should have a good idea about the different off road tracks and terrains and the things that you need to consider while driving on those tracks.

Start in Dirt

To be comfortable with your new off road ride, it is better to start in dirt track. You can find a suitable dirt road in your location. When heading there, you will need to find out a friend to accompany you. Having a buddy alongside is very important as that would give you moral support and confidence during the ride. Much of the times, off roading is more about driving around the different obstacles than driving over them. After building up enough confidence, you can try the other tracks.

Mud Bogging

You need to keep in mind that mud is the scariest of all off road terrains, as it changes real fast. The trick here is to pick a line that is shallow and dry as possible. Most of the off road drivers will shift the transfer case to 4-Lo, so that the engine will not bog down. In addition, you will need to use the 3rd and 4th gears to ensure fast spinning of the tires. In mud tracks, vehicle speed plays a crucial role, so you will need to drive fast to keep up the momentum.

Rock Crawling

This is the most technical style of off roading and you will need good experience to go rock crawling with your off roader. To have good traction, you can start by deflating the tires to about half the required pressure to run on pavements. It will be good for you to walk over the section of rocks that you plan to drive. This will help you find the smoothest path and the potential hazards that can damage the tires of the vehicle. After deciding the line, you can get back to the vehicle and use 4-Lo with the transmission in 1st gear to move along the line that you have decided.


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