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The Significance of Transmission and Transfer Case in Off Road Vehicles

It is evident that the people who prefer to go on an off-road trip know more about their 4x4s than the average driver does. Off-road fans prefer modifying their vehicles to get more flexibility, power, and capability, and also know the importance of regular maintenance and care of their rides.

However, there are a few people who may have to go off-road because their job or lifestyle demands it. They might not have much idea about their rides and hence, they may encounter problems while driving off road. To help such guys, below are a few things to consider for proper care and maintenance of a 4×4 ride.


The chances for internal wear and overheating are higher in off-road vehicles as they are heavily dependent on their transmission, hence, the transmission fluid must be replaced regularly as a precautionary measure.

Overheating is a common phenomenon in automatic transmission. The oil inside your vehicle will lose its lubricant property as a result of overheating, which in turn results in the wearing out of crucial engine parts. However, the damage can be prevented by using an oil cooler.

The chance for overheating is relatively less in manual transmission. This is due to the absence of the torque converter and because manual transmission uses a much heavier oil. However, frequent gear changes and the presence of undesirable metal particles and flakes in the oil can destroy its lubricating property pretty soon.

This problem can be solved to an extent by regularly replacing the transmission liquid. However, in case of manual transmission, you might also have to use an oil filter. Remember to go for high quality oil only and make sure to refill it up to the correct level in order to prevent further damages.

Transfer Case

The chances for overheating of the transfer case are relatively lesser while off-roading, although, you have to regularly check for leakages and the fluid level of the transfer case. Additionally, the chances for premature wear and tear and catastrophic failure are higher when the fluid level is low.

Exposed metal gears, chain drives, leak, or poor filling, are the factors that reduces the fluid level. If there is a center differential present inside the transfer case, then you might have to use an additive for limited-slip differentials.

When you are draining the fluid from the transfer case, make sure to check for the presence of any metal particles inside the case. If there were any, there are more chances for complex problems inside your transfer case.

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