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Tuning Up your First Off Road Rig

You might be having a stock SUV or pickup truck that you wish to transform into an off road monster, but how should you start with the plan? You might be confused when you visit the off road parts store in your area, as there are a variety of off road products in the aftermarket. When you enter the off road gear store, your head may spin faster than the stock tires of your vehicle in mud. So to help you out, below are some of the necessary upgrades to make a stock SUV into an off roader.

It is up to you to decide which item to put at the top of the list depending on your preferences and the location where you live. For example, if you live in a rocky area and like to maneuver boulder filled trails, you will probably need to install rocker and underbody protection to your vehicle. However, if you live in farmlands, you might consider installing mud tires.

Install Better Tires

The stock tires of trucks and SUVs will be street biased as most of them will spend their life on paved roads. These tires will have soft sidewalls to offer a good ride and mild tread to make the ride quiet. These tires cannot handle the stress on off road travel and their soft sidewalls will be much prone to cuts. In addition, the mild tread pattern on these tires will not offer necessary traction on off road tracks. This is why it is necessary to install better tires that are intended for off road use.

Better Shocks

Shocks of your stock vehicle are also designed for normal street use. These shocks are made to do things that they are not used to and designed to while you take your stock vehicle to the off road trail. For instance, in high stress use on rough terrains, the suspension oil in the stock shock absorbers of the vehicle will get so hot that it makes the oil to froth and ultimately the shock loses its ability to dampen. It will not be a good situation for both the vehicle and for the driver. This is why it is important to upgrade the shock absorbers of your stock vehicle if you are planning to use it on off road trails.

Tires and suspension are the most >important parts that you need to upgrade to make your vehicle capable of off-roading. Besides that, if you are planning to use the vehicle on marsh and wetlands, you will need to install snorkel and other off road accessories to let the vehicle inhale.


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