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Troubleshooting Black Death of your Car Air Conditioner

Black Death starts out in the compressor of the car air conditioner and is usually caused by refrigerant breakdown. The refrigerant in the car AC is much like the motor oil in engine, as it offers protection and lubrication to the air compressor. This is the reason why a refrigerant breakdown will result in wear and tear of the AC system, beginning with the compressor. Though Black Death starts in the compressor, it can gradually move on to other parts of the car AC system as well.

The best way to prevent Black Death in your car AC is to do a check up of the system. The performance check of the system should be done only by a professional technician, who is experienced in vehicle air conditioning repair Orange County. Such technicians will be able to find the root of the issue quickly, and fix the problems easily and economically.

Causes of Weak Air Flow in the AC

If your car AC is weak, the hot temperature inside the vehicle would drive you crazy. There can be many reasons for the weak airflow from your car air conditioning system, such as:

  • Accumulation of mold in the evaporator core from moisture, which hinders the air to reach the vents
  • Blower hose coming loose, failing to supply proper airflow to the blower unit
  • Damage to the ventilation fan
  • Wearing out of seals like the core case seals, evaporator core case seals, and blower house seals. Ventilation systems of your car AC are very sensitive and it should remain sealed always. If the seals are opened though, the complete system will be compromised, and lead to malfunctioning of the AC.

These are some of the important causes of issues in your car AC system. Whatever the cause be, if you find that your vehicle air conditioning is not cooling as it used to be, you should get the complete system checked up by the best car air conditioning service Orange County.

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