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Warning Signs of a Failing Oil Pressure Sensor

It is much important to maintain proper oil pressure to keep your car engine running smoothly, and to maintain proper oil pressure, you need to ensure that oil change is done at correct intervals. It is the oil pressure sensor, which monitors the oil pressure and helps you to understand the internal pressure by sending a signal to the pressure gauge on the dashboard. This will let you know immediately if there is a problem.

The Warning Light

If you find that the oil pressure warning light on the dashboard is on, you will need to pay immediate attention. Even if you know that pressure sensor is bad, you will need to check the vehicle. If the oil dipstick shows that there is an adequate amount of engine oil and the engine runs smooth and quiet, the bad sensor might be resulting in the light. Get the sensor replaced in a good auto repair shop. If you find that the oil is up to the level, but you hear ticking or grinding noises from the engine, the oil pump might be faulty. Get it fixed as early as possible.

The Oil Light

If there isn’t enough oil pressure in the engine, the light will not be intermittent, as changes in oil pressure will not happen rapidly. Therefore, intermittently blinking oil pressure indicator almost certainly means there is a fault in the oil sensor. Some of the old model cars might not have a dedicated oil pressure light and the problem of a faulty pressure sensor can lead to a glowing check engine light in those cars. This does not mean that all check engine lights have something to do with oil pressure or pressure sensors. So, you need to get it checked to find the actual issue.

The Oil Pressure Gauge

If you constantly get an oil pressure gauge reading of zero, it can be an indicator of a bad sensor. If there is an internal short circuit in the sensor, the reading can always be very high and if the signal path is damaged, the sensor will always show a zero reading. Therefore, in both the cases, you will need to actually check the oil level with the dipstick and keep in mind that too much of oil might lead to low pressure due to foaming, which is not good for the life of your engine.


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