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Why use Window Tinting in your Car

Most car manufacturers usually design the back windows in a tinted manner, but the front windows in a vehicle remain clear. However, tinted windows have become quite popular these days, and now, both the front and back windows of cars come tinted.

There are numerous benefits of having tinted windows, and you might be familiar with most of them. However, there are some of unknown benefits about tinted windows,which you might know.


One of the main reasons why people choose tinted windows is undoubtedly the privacy it offers. Tinted windows ensure that no one can look into your car from the outside. Furthermore, they also guarantee protection from theft, as crooks will not be able to see the valuables inside your car.

Heat Factor

Window tints help to keep the interior of your car to approximately 60 percent cooler. This will prevent you from the distress of entering into a hot car,as well as reduce the risk exposing your skin to the hot air trapped inside the car.

Furthermore, window tints are eco-friendly and you don’t have to use much air conditioning either, as window tinting helps to maintain the cool temperature within your car. This means you don’t have to use much gas, ultimately saving a lot of money.

Skin Protection

The UV rays from the sun that enters into your car through the windows can put frequent drivers at a greater risk. The chances for skin allergies, skin problems, and even skin cancer, are higher when you are exposed to these harmful UV rays.

In addition to that, the harmful UV rays entering your car can also damage the interior of your car. The accessories, dashboard, and cloth upholstery exposed to the UV rays, may gradually fade or start to crack.However, a good quality window tint would keep all these issues at bay by absorbing almost 99 percent of these harmful radiations from the sun.


During an accident, or when an object hits your car window, the window tinting holds the window glass together and prevents it from breaking into small pieces that could get inside the car and harm you. Hence, window tinting keeps you and your family safe from such issues.


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