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Wiring and Installing Off Road Lights

You might think that installing off road lights on your truck is an easy task. It is true as long as you understand what you are doing and follow the instructions clearly. The steps might look very easy, but you will need to pay attention to the amperage and gauge required for the electric load. Else, your off road lights can go from high intensity illumination to some charred connection.

Note that the steps to wire off road lights might vary with your vehicle, model of light, and methods of installation. However, below are some general installation instructions to get you started. The technicians in the off road store from where you are planning to buy the lights might help you with the installation.

Installing Off Road Lights

  • The first thing to do before installing off road lights is to find if the electrical system of your truck is powerful enough to support extra lights. To find the power of the alternator, you can determine the output current of the alternator and use it to find out the load.
  • In simple terms, load is the total power consumed by all the electrical accessories fitted to your vehicle. So it is important to ensure that the total power consumption does not exceed the output power supply from the alternator.
  • After ensuring that the alternator is capable enough, you can disconnect the battery and use a test light to find the wire that connects to the high beam switch. You may use a relay harness that is specifically designed for the headlight configuration of your vehicle. A relay will let you tap power directly from the battery and help to cut down strain on the factory wiring harness.
  • When you are done with setting up the wiring, you need to mount the off road lights on your vehicle. It will be a wiser idea to leave the final tightening until you are completely finished with the installation. You can mount the relay inside the engine compartment, near to the battery so that you can extend the wires neatly.
  • You need to aim the beam of the off road light just above the low beams of the stock headlights and then tighten its mounting hardware. After ensuring that everything is working properly, you can clean up the installation by securing the connection wires of the off road lights with wire ties.

Installing off rod lights to your truck can be the best modification to enhance visibility and safety while you go off roading. However, incorrect or improper installation might lead to significant electrical damage and fire hazards. Therefore, if you are not confident enough to do the installation on your own, you can seek help from auto repair technicians who deal with off road gear for trucks.

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