Modern automobiles come fitted with an Electronic Control Module (ECM) that manages the operation of the engine and other important components. This control module is similar to a computer and looks after the performance of the engine. The numerous sensors located in the engine and surrounding components provides information to the ECM for managing the engine performance real time by fine-tuning it so that it runs optimally.

The ECM has become a key part of the drive mechanisms of vehicles today. Any issues with the ECM can thus wholly affect the performance of the engine and cause it to malfunction. A failing ECM can fully affect the timing of the engine that results in misfires and low fuel economy. In some vehicles, the ECM is positioned on top of the engine compartment and the heat generated by the engine can cause it to fail. So it is best to take the vehicle to an auto repair center when the vehicle shows any of the following symptoms related to ECM.

Check Engine Light

If the check engine light located at the speedometer console stays on for long, then it is possibly due to a bad ECM. The check engine light is a crucial indication system that tells the driver if the vehicle has any problems related to the engine. A failing ECM can trigger the check engine light mistakenly due to a false reading of the information obtained from the sensors. A constantly illuminated check engine light suggests a faulty ECM, which should be serviced immediately for restoring the normal working of the vehicle.

Misfiring Engine

Misfiring of the engine is another potential sign of a faulty ECM. The ECM is the crucial component that governs the accurate timing of the engine related to its fuel injection system. A failing ECM can affect the timing of the fuel injection and other crucial engine operations that result in misfiring when idling or running. The misfire may not occur at all times and continuing operating the vehicle without servicing can result in engine damage.

Decreased Engine Performance

A bad ECM can severely affect the performance of the engine. This results in the vehicle to have lack of power, a considerable decrease in fuel efficiency and poor acceleration. The ECM maintains the smooth functioning of the engine timing and fine-tunes it in such a way to provide the best performance while consuming less fuel. Failure of the ECM can cause the engine to lose its tuning and timing resulting in a drop in overall engine performance.