Welcome to Top Line Performance in Huntington Beach, where we have been repairing and servicing auto air conditioning, heating, and electricals. There is nothing more important than a properly functioning A/C System in your vehicle during those hot summer days. If you have a problem with your car’s a/c, let our certified technicians at Top Line Performance help you diagnose and get your auto A/C System working properly.

How does the A/C system work?
The Car Air Conditioning system cools and dehumidifies air using a refrigerant to cool the air in the passenger compartment.

What kind of maintenance should I be doing on Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System?
Auto Air Conditioning systems require minimal maintenance. Usually, just a visual inspection per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule unless there are symptoms that may indicate a problem.

 How do I know if my Car’s Air Conditioning System needs repairs?
You will normally only be seeking service on your car’s A/C system when you notice a decrease in its cooling capability or when it isn’t working at all.  Your Top Line mechanic will most likely diagnose the cause of an A/C problem by performing various tests to detect leaks or other problems with the system.


Common car A/C system services include:

  • Visually inspect vehicle air conditioning system
  • Diagnose the small leaks in your car’s A/C to eliminate waste
  • “Charge”, or refill the coolant in your vehicle’s A/C system
  • Convert or retrofit your A/C from Freon to the newer R-134a
  • If system cannot be retrofitted then new compressor may be installed

What does it mean to “Retrofit”?
Should a major problem arise in your 1994 or older vehicle, a retrofit may be needed. Retrofitting includes the installation of new parts that will allow your vehicle to use the newer more “environmentally friendly” refrigerant, R-134a. The two different types of refrigerants (Freon and R-134a) cannot be intermixed.